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Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. On expanding neighborhoods of local universality of Gaussian unitary ensembles
M. A. Lapik, D. N. Tulyakov
Tr. Mat. Inst. Steklova, 301 (2018),  182–191
2. Zero distribution of scaled Hermite polynomials near zero and Gauss unitary ensembles
M. A. Lapik, D. N. Tulyakov
Keldysh Institute preprints, 2017, 129
3. Asymptotic behavior of the spectrum of combination scattering at Stokes phonons
A. I. Aptekarev, M. A. Lapik, Yu. N. Orlov
TMF, 193:1 (2017),  84–103
4. Extremal measure and external field for two parameters vector equilibrium logarithmic potential problem
M. A. Lapik
Keldysh Institute preprints, 2016, 115
5. The extremal functional for vector heccextremal logarithmic potential problem with external field and Angelesko matrix of interaction
M. A. Lapik
Keldysh Institute preprints, 2015, 083
6. Families of vector measures which are equilibrium measures in an external field
M. A. Lapik
Mat. Sb., 206:2 (2015),  41–56
7. The Buyarov–Rahmanov formula for external field in the vector extremal logarithmic potential problem
M. A. Lapik
Keldysh Institute preprints, 2014, 082
8. Equilibrium measure for the vector logarithmic potential problem with an external field and the Nikishin interaction matrix
M. A. Lapik
Uspekhi Mat. Nauk, 67:3(405) (2012),  179–180
9. On the logarithmic asymptotics of orthogonal measure for special polynomials in the problem of radiation scattering
M. A. Lapik, Yu. N. Orlov
Keldysh Institute preprints, 2007, 082
10. Numerical procedure of determining of the supports of the equilibrium measures and sets of equilibrium in the extremal tasks of logarithmic potential theory
M. A. Lapik
Keldysh Institute preprints, 2006, 023
11. Support of the extremal measure in a vector equilibrium problem
M. A. Lapik
Mat. Sb., 197:8 (2006),  101–118
12. A continuum limit of the Toda lattice and the equilibrium for the constrained energy problem in the presence of an external field
M. A. Lapik
Keldysh Institute preprints, 2004, 058
13. Lagrange spectrum and dynamics on the invariant sets of linear-fractional IFS-s
A. I. Aptekarev, M. A. Lapik
Keldysh Institute preprints, 2002, 043

Presentations in Math-Net.Ru
1. Extremal measure and external field in the two-parameter vector equilibrium problem of the logarithmic potential
M. A. Lapik
Seminar on Complex Analysis (Gonchar Seminar)
December 12, 2016 17:00

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