Balaba, Irina Nikolaevna

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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (2012)
Speciality: 01.01.06 (Mathematical logic, algebra, and number theory)
Keywords: graded rings and modules; Morita's theorems; density theorems; equivalence of categories of modules; radicals; superalgebras.
UDC: 512.55, 512.552, 512.554.36
MSC: 16W50, 16W20, 16S90, 17A70, 17B05, 18E40, 16N80, 16D80


The equivalence of rigid subcategories of categories of graded modules was studied, in particular, graded variant of Morita's theorem was obtained. The properties of graded maximal ring of quotients for semiprime ring graded by ordered group was studied. Some characterization of weakly primitive rings graded by semigroup was obtained. Modules are graded by acts with some cancellation conditions over these semigroups.


Graduated from Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) in 1980 and post graduated in 1983 (department of high algebra). Ph.D. thesis was defended in  2013. A list of my works contains about 100 titles.

Main publications:
  1. Balaba I. N., “O slabo primitivnykh graduirovannykh koltsakh”, UMN, 56:6 (2001), 139–140  mathnet  crossref  mathscinet
  2. Balaba I. N., “Ekvivalentnosti Mority kategorii graduirovannykh modulei”, UMN, 42:3 (1987), 177–178  mathnet  mathscinet
  3. Balaba I. N., “Refleksivnye graduirovannye moduli”, Sb.: Algoritmicheskie problemy teorii grupp i polugrupp, Tula, 1991, 88–96
  4. Balaba I. N., “Koltsa chastnykh polupervichnykh graduirovannykh kolets”, Sb. trudov mezhdunarodnoi konferentsii «Universalnaya algebra i ee prilozheniya», Volgograd, 2000, 21–28
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
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Presentations in Math-Net.Ru
1. Graded division rings and modules over them
I. N. Balaba, A V. Mikhalev
XVI International Conference Algebra, Number Theory and Discrete Geometry: modern problems, applications and problems of history dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the birth of Professor Michel Desa
May 16, 2019 10:40
2. Endomorphisms of graded projective modules
I. N. Balaba, A. V. Mikhalev
XV International Conference Algebra, Number Theory and Discrete Geometry: modern problems and applications, dedicated to the centenary of the birth of the Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of the Moscow State University Korobov Nikolai Mikhailovich
May 31, 2018 10:40

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