Sokolov, Igor' Anatol'evich

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Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Doctor of technical sciences (1998)
Birth date: 27.03.1954
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. A. V. Chertok, A. I. Kadaner, G. T. Khazeeva, I. A. Sokolov, “Regime switching detection for the Levy driven Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process using CUSUM methods”, Inform. Primen., 10:4 (2016),  46–56  mathnet  elib
2. V. Yu. Korolev, A. Yu. Korchagin, I. A. Sokolov, “Modeling of statistical regularities in financial markets by generalized variance gamma distributions”, Inform. Primen., 9:4 (2015),  14–28  mathnet  elib
3. V. Yu. Korolev, I. A. Sokolov, “On conditions of convergence of the distributions of extremal order statistics to the Weibull distribution”, Inform. Primen., 8:3 (2014),  3–11  mathnet  elib
4. I. Sokolov, Y. Stepchenkov, S. Bobkov, V. Zakharov, Y. Diachenko, Y. Rogdestvenski, A. Surkov, “Implementation basis of exaflops class supercomputer”, Inform. Primen., 8:1 (2014),  45–70  mathnet  elib
5. V. Yu. Korolev, A. Yu. Korchagin, I. A. Sokolov, A. V. Chertok, “Recent works in the field of modeling information flows in contemporary high-frequency financial applications”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 24:4 (2014),  63–85  mathnet  elib
6. I. Sokolov, Y. Stepchenkov, S. Bobkov, Y. Rogdestvenski, Y. Diachenko, “Fused multiply-add: Methodological aspects”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 24:3 (2014),  44–62  mathnet  elib
7. Yu. V. Gaidamaka, A. V. Pechinkin, R. V. Razumchik, A. K. Samuylov, K. E. Samouylov, I. A. Sokolov, E. S. Sopin, S. Ya. Shorgin, “The distribution of the return time from the set of overload states to the set of normal load states in a system $M|M|1|\langle L,H \rangle |\langle H,R \rangle$ with hysteretic load control”, Inform. Primen., 7:4 (2013),  20–33  mathnet  elib
8. M. E. Grigor'eva, V. Yu. Korolev, I. A. Sokolov, “A limit theorem for geometric sums of independent nonidentically distributed random variables and its application to the prediction of the probabilities of catastrophes in nonhomogeneous flows of extremal events”, Inform. Primen., 7:4 (2013),  11–19  mathnet  elib
9. A. A. Kudriavtsev, I. A. Sokolov, S. Ya. Shorgin, “Bayesian recurrent model of reliability growth: uniform distribution of parameters”, Inform. Primen., 7:2 (2013),  55–59  mathnet
10. I. A. Duchitskii, V. Yu. Korolev, I. A. Sokolov, “On the accuracy of some mathematical models of catastrophically accumulated effects in prediction of risks of extremal events”, Inform. Primen., 6:4 (2012),  9–17  mathnet
11. I. A. Sokolov, V. Yu. Korolev, “Preface”, Inform. Primen., 6:4 (2012),  3  mathnet
12. A. V. Pechinkin, I. A. Sokolov, S. Ya. Shorgin, “A restriction on the total volume of demands in the discrete-time system Geo$/G/1/\infty$”, Inform. Primen., 6:3 (2012),  107–113  mathnet
13. V. Yu. Korolev, I. A. Sokolov, “Skew Student distributions, variance-gamma distributions and their generalizations as asymptotic approximations”, Inform. Primen., 6:1 (2012),  3–11  mathnet
14. A. V. Pechinkin, I. A. Sokolov, “Discrete time queueing system with unreliable server”, Inform. Primen., 5:4 (2011),  6–17  mathnet
15. G. Ya. Ilyushin, I. A. Sokolov, “Organization of users' manageable access to heterogeneous departmental informational resources”, Inform. Primen., 4:1 (2010),  24–40  mathnet
16. A. V. Pechinkin, I. A. Sokolov, V. V. Chaplygin, “Multichannel queueing system with refusals of servers groups”, Inform. Primen., 3:3 (2009),  4–15  mathnet
17. I. A. Sokolov, V. B. Egorov, “A disintegrated packet switching architecture”, Inform. Primen., 2:4 (2008),  2–11  mathnet
18. I. A. Sokolov, K. K. Kolin, “New stage of the society informatization and actual problems of education”, Inform. Primen., 2:1 (2008),  67–76  mathnet
19. I. A. Sokolov, F. I. Pepinov, “Minimization of losses in networks with different-type channels while transmitting group messages”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 2008, 18,  209–224  mathnet
20. A. V. Pechinkin, I. A. Sokolov, V. V. Chaplygin, “Stationary characteristics of a multichannel queuing system with simultaneous refusals of servers”, Inform. Primen., 1:2 (2007),  39–49  mathnet
21. V. N. Zakharov, L. A. Kalinichenko, I. A. Sokolov, S. A. Stupnikov, “Development of canonical information models for integrated information systems”, Inform. Primen., 1:2 (2007),  15–38  mathnet
22. V. D. Ilyin, I. A. Sokolov, “The symbol model of informatics knowledge system in human-automaton environment”, Inform. Primen., 1:1 (2007),  66–78  mathnet
23. A. V. Pechinkin, I. A. Sokolov, V. V. Chaplygin, “Multichannel queuing system with finite buffer and unreliable servers”, Inform. Primen., 1:1 (2007),  27–39  mathnet
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25. A. V. Pechinkin, I. A. Sokolov, V. V. Chaplygin, “Multi-channel queuing systems with independent refusals and restorations of servers”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 2006, special issue,  101–125  mathnet
26. V. Yu. Korolev, I. A. Sokolov, A. S. Gordeev, M. E. Grigor'eva, S. V. Popov, N. A. Chebonenko, “Some methods of the analysis of time characteristics of catastrophes in non-homogeneous flows of extremal events”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 2006, special issue,  5–23  mathnet
27. I. A. Sokolov, V. I. Grebenschikov, V. B. Egorov, A. M. Zaraev, A. B. Kulakov, “Prototype of multi-protocol packet switching device”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 2006, 16,  449–462  mathnet
28. I. A. Sokolov, A. A. Zatsarinnyi, A. V. Pechinkin, S. V. Antonov, S. Ya. Shorgin, Yu. A. Dushin, I. V. Lyzlova, “Complex of mathematical and program tools for information and telecommunication systems modelling”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 2006, 16,  4–31  mathnet

29. I. A. Sokolov, “Preface”, Inform. Primen., 11:1 (2017),  2  mathnet
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31. I. A. Sokolov, A. A. Zatsarinny, V. N. Zakharov, “About academician I. A. Mizin’s contribution to theory and practice of domestic information-telecommunication systems creation: to the 80th anniversary”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 25:1 (2015),  213–229  mathnet  elib
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Presentations in Math-Net.Ru
1. Greetings
Igor A. Sokolov
International conference "Prokhorov and Probability Theory" dedicated to the 90th anniversary of birth of Yu. V. Prokhorov
December 17, 2019 09:15   
2. Вступительное слово
I. A. Sokolov
Scientific conference "Modeling the Co-evolution of Nature and Society: problems and experience" devoted to the 100-th anniversary of N. N. Moiseev
November 7, 2017 11:00   
3. Принципы организации и проведения фундаментальных и прикладных исследований в научных организациях ФАНО России
I. A. Sokolov
International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Computer Science dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of RAS
December 9, 2015 10:50   
4. Вступительное слово председателя Конференции
I. A. Sokolov
International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Computer Science dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of RAS
December 9, 2015 10:00   

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