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Algebra i Analiz, 1999, Volume 11, Issue 5, Pages 130–151 (Mi aa1077)  

This article is cited in 18 scientific papers (total in 18 papers)

Research Papers

Quintics in ${\mathbb C}{\mathrm P}^2$ with nonabelian fundamental group

A. I. Degtyarev

Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

Full text: PDF file (1100 kB)

English version:
St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal, 2000, 11:5, 809–826

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Received: 01.04.1999

Citation: A. I. Degtyarev, “Quintics in ${\mathbb C}{\mathrm P}^2$ with nonabelian fundamental group”, Algebra i Analiz, 11:5 (1999), 130–151; St. Petersburg Math. J., 11:5 (2000), 809–826

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by A.~I.~Degtyarev
\paper Quintics in ${\mathbb C}{\mathrm P}^2$ with nonabelian fundamental group
\jour Algebra i Analiz
\yr 1999
\vol 11
\issue 5
\pages 130--151
\jour St. Petersburg Math. J.
\yr 2000
\vol 11
\issue 5
\pages 809--826

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