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Algebra i Analiz:

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Algebra i Analiz, 2015, Volume 27, Issue 3, Pages 125–156 (Mi aa1438)  

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Regularity of solutions of the fractional porous medium flow with exponent $1/2$

L. Caffarelliab, J. L. Vázquezc

a Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences, USA
b School of Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin, 1 University Station, C1200, Austin, Texas 78712-1082, USA
c Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Departamento de Matemáticas, 28049, Madrid, Spain

Abstract: The object of study is the regularity of a porous medium equation with nonlocal diffusion effects given by an inverse fractional Laplacian operator. The precise model is $u_t=\nabla\cdot(u\nabla(-\Delta)^{-1/2}u)$. For definiteness, the problem is posed in $\{x\in\mathbb R^N, t\in\mathbb R\}$ with nonnegative initial data $u(x,0)$ that is integrable and decays at infinity. Previous papers have established the existence of mass-preserving, nonnegative weak solutions satisfying energy estimates and finite propagation, as well as the boundedness of nonnegative solutions with $L^1$ data, for the more general family of equations $u_t=\nabla\cdot(u\nabla(-\Delta)^{-s}u)$, $0<s<1$.
Here, the $C^\alpha$ regularity of such weak solutions is established in the difficult fractional exponent case $s=1/2$. For the other fractional exponents $s\in(0,1)$ this Hölder regularity has been proved in an earlier paper. Continuity was under question because the nonlinear differential operator has first-order differentiation. The method combines delicate De Giorgi type estimates with iterated geometric corrections that are needed to avoid the divergence of some essential energy integrals due to fractional long-range effects.

Keywords: porous medium equation, fractional Laplacian, nonlocal diffusion operator, Hölder regularity.

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English version:
St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal, 2016, 27:3, 437–460

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Received: 06.01.2015

Citation: L. Caffarelli, J. L. Vázquez, “Regularity of solutions of the fractional porous medium flow with exponent $1/2$”, Algebra i Analiz, 27:3 (2015), 125–156; St. Petersburg Math. J., 27:3 (2016), 437–460

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by L.~Caffarelli, J.~L.~V\'azquez
\paper Regularity of solutions of the fractional porous medium flow with exponent~$1/2$
\jour Algebra i Analiz
\yr 2015
\vol 27
\issue 3
\pages 125--156
\jour St. Petersburg Math. J.
\yr 2016
\vol 27
\issue 3
\pages 437--460

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