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Algebra i Analiz:

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Algebra i Analiz, 1990, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 183–208 (Mi aa180)  

This article is cited in 33 scientific papers (total in 33 papers)

Research Papers

Symmetries of nonlinear lattices

A. B. Shabat, R. I. Yamilov

Institute of Mathematics of Bashkirian Scientific Centre, UB of USSR Academy of Sciences

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English version:
Leningrad Mathematical Journal, 1991, 2:2, 377–400

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Received: 14.06.1989

Citation: A. B. Shabat, R. I. Yamilov, “Symmetries of nonlinear lattices”, Algebra i Analiz, 2:2 (1990), 183–208; Leningrad Math. J., 2:2 (1991), 377–400

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by A.~B.~Shabat, R.~I.~Yamilov
\paper Symmetries of nonlinear lattices
\jour Algebra i Analiz
\yr 1990
\vol 2
\issue 2
\pages 183--208
\jour Leningrad Math. J.
\yr 1991
\vol 2
\issue 2
\pages 377--400

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