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Algebra i Analiz:

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Algebra i Analiz, 2006, Volume 18, Issue 1, Pages 162–186 (Mi aa64)  

This article is cited in 11 scientific papers (total in 11 papers)

Research Papers

Construction of spherical cubature formulas using lattices

P. de la Harpea, C. Pachea, B. Venkovb

a Section de Mathématiques, Université de Genève, Genève, Switzerland
b Petersburg Department of Steklov Institute of Mathematics, St. Petersburg, Russia

Abstract: We construct cubature formulas on spheres supported by homothetic images of shells in some Euclidean lattices. Our analysis of these cubature formulas uses results from the theory of modular forms. Examples are worked out on $\mathbb S^{n-1}$ for $n=4$, 8, 12, 14, 16, 20, 23, and 24, and the sizes of the cubature formulas we obtain are compared with the lower bounds given by Linear Programming.

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English version:
St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal, 2007, 18:1, 119–139

Bibliographic databases:

MSC: Primary 65D32, 05B30; Secondary 11F11, 11H06
Received: 03.06.2005
Language: English

Citation: P. de la Harpe, C. Pache, B. Venkov, “Construction of spherical cubature formulas using lattices”, Algebra i Analiz, 18:1 (2006), 162–186; St. Petersburg Math. J., 18:1 (2007), 119–139

Citation in format AMSBIB
\Bibitem{De PacVen06}
\by P.~de la Harpe, C.~Pache, B.~Venkov
\paper Construction of spherical cubature formulas using lattices
\jour Algebra i Analiz
\yr 2006
\vol 18
\issue 1
\pages 162--186
\jour St. Petersburg Math. J.
\yr 2007
\vol 18
\issue 1
\pages 119--139

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