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Algebra i Analiz:

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Algebra i Analiz, 2005, Volume 17, Issue 6, Pages 1–104 (Mi aa714)  

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Expository Surveys

Averaging of periodic elliptic differential operators with the account of a corrector

M. Sh. Birman, T. A. Suslina

St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Physics

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English version:
St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal, 2006, 17:6, 897–973

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Received: 17.10.2005

Citation: M. Sh. Birman, T. A. Suslina, “Averaging of periodic elliptic differential operators with the account of a corrector”, Algebra i Analiz, 17:6 (2005), 1–104; St. Petersburg Math. J., 17:6 (2006), 897–973

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by M.~Sh.~Birman, T.~A.~Suslina
\paper Averaging of periodic elliptic differential operators with the account of a~corrector
\jour Algebra i Analiz
\yr 2005
\vol 17
\issue 6
\pages 1--104
\jour St. Petersburg Math. J.
\yr 2006
\vol 17
\issue 6
\pages 897--973

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    This publication is cited in the following articles:
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