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Algebra i Analiz:

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Algebra i Analiz, 1997, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 41–103 (Mi aa781)  

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Expository Surveys

Methods of the geometric theory of functions. I

G. V. Kuz'mina

St. Petersburg Department of V. A. Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences

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English version:
St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal, 1998, 9:3, 455–507

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Received: 20.01.1997

Citation: G. V. Kuz'mina, “Methods of the geometric theory of functions. I”, Algebra i Analiz, 9:3 (1997), 41–103; St. Petersburg Math. J., 9:3 (1998), 455–507

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by G.~V.~Kuz'mina
\paper Methods of the geometric theory of functions.~I
\jour Algebra i Analiz
\yr 1997
\vol 9
\issue 3
\pages 41--103
\jour St. Petersburg Math. J.
\yr 1998
\vol 9
\issue 3
\pages 455--507

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