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Algebra Logika, 2008, Volume 47, Number 4, Pages 456–463 (Mi al367)  

This article is cited in 30 scientific papers (total in 30 papers)

Isomorphism of generalized matrix rings

P. A. Krylov

Abstract: An isomorphism problem is considered for generalized matrix rings with values in a given ring $R$. An exhaustive answer is given for the case of a commutative domain $R$ and a commutative local ring $R$.

Keywords: generalized matrix ring, central element, isomorphism.

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English version:
Algebra and Logic, 2008, 47:4, 258–262

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UDC: 512.55
Received: 13.03.2008

Citation: P. A. Krylov, “Isomorphism of generalized matrix rings”, Algebra Logika, 47:4 (2008), 456–463; Algebra and Logic, 47:4 (2008), 258–262

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by P.~A.~Krylov
\paper Isomorphism of generalized matrix rings
\jour Algebra Logika
\yr 2008
\vol 47
\issue 4
\pages 456--463
\jour Algebra and Logic
\yr 2008
\vol 47
\issue 4
\pages 258--262

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