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Avtomat. i Telemekh., 2014, Issue 12, Pages 13–27 (Mi at14160)  

This article is cited in 16 scientific papers (total in 16 papers)

Linear Systems

Sparse feedback in linear control systems

B. T. Polyak, M. V. Khlebnikov, P. S. Shcherbakov

Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Abstract: We consider a classical problem of linear static state feedback design in the linear system $\dot x=Ax+Bu$ subject to a nonstandard constraint that the control vector $u=Kx$ has as many zero components as possible.
A simple approach to approximate solutions of such kind of nonconvex problems is proposed, which is based on convexification. The problem reduces to the minimization of special matrix norms subject to the constraints in the form of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs).
The approach can be generalized to numerous problems of robust and optimal control that admit a “sparse” reformulation. To the best of our knowledge, both the solution and the problem formulation are new.

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Automation and Remote Control, 2014, 75:12, 2099–2111

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Received: 04.09.2014

Citation: B. T. Polyak, M. V. Khlebnikov, P. S. Shcherbakov, “Sparse feedback in linear control systems”, Avtomat. i Telemekh., 2014, no. 12, 13–27; Autom. Remote Control, 75:12 (2014), 2099–2111

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by B.~T.~Polyak, M.~V.~Khlebnikov, P.~S.~Shcherbakov
\paper Sparse feedback in linear control systems
\jour Avtomat. i Telemekh.
\yr 2014
\issue 12
\pages 13--27
\jour Autom. Remote Control
\yr 2014
\vol 75
\issue 12
\pages 2099--2111

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