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Avtomat. i Telemekh., 2011, Issue 7, Pages 58–68 (Mi at2244)  

This article is cited in 9 scientific papers (total in 9 papers)

System Analysis and Operations Research

On the neural network approach for forecasting of nonstationary time series on the basis of the Hilbert–Huang transform

V. G. Kurbatskii, D. N. Sidorov, V. A. Spiryaev, N. V. Tomin

Melentiev Energy Systems Institute, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Irkutsk, Russia

Abstract: The two-stage adaptive approach for time series forecasting is proposed. The first stage involves the decomposition of the initial time series into basis functions and application to them of the Hilbert transform. At the second stage the obtained functions and their instantaneous amplitudes are used as input variables of neural network forecasting. The efficiency of the developed approach is displayed in real time series in the electric power problem of forecasting the sharply variable implementations of active power flows.

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English version:
Automation and Remote Control, 2011, 72:7, 1405–1414

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Received: 16.12.2010

Citation: V. G. Kurbatskii, D. N. Sidorov, V. A. Spiryaev, N. V. Tomin, “On the neural network approach for forecasting of nonstationary time series on the basis of the Hilbert–Huang transform”, Avtomat. i Telemekh., 2011, no. 7, 58–68; Autom. Remote Control, 72:7 (2011), 1405–1414

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by V.~G.~Kurbatskii, D.~N.~Sidorov, V.~A.~Spiryaev, N.~V.~Tomin
\paper On the neural network approach for forecasting of nonstationary time series on the basis of the Hilbert--Huang transform
\jour Avtomat. i Telemekh.
\yr 2011
\issue 7
\pages 58--68
\jour Autom. Remote Control
\yr 2011
\vol 72
\issue 7
\pages 1405--1414

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