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Avtomat. i Telemekh.:

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Avtomat. i Telemekh., 2009, Issue 4, Pages 78–88 (Mi at452)  

This article is cited in 10 scientific papers (total in 10 papers)

Systems with Lumped Parameters

Solution to Euler's elastic problem

A. A. Ardentov, Yu. L. Sachkov

Program Systems Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Pereslavl-Zalesskii, Russia

Abstract: Euler's problem on stationary configurations of elastic rod with fixed endpoints and tangents at the endpoints is considered. The corresponding optimal control problem is reduced to several systems of algebraic equations in Jacobi's functions. An algorithm and software for solving the optimal control problem are constructed.

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English version:
Automation and Remote Control, 2009, 70:4, 633–643

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PACS: 02.30.Yy
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Received: 01.10.2008

Citation: A. A. Ardentov, Yu. L. Sachkov, “Solution to Euler's elastic problem”, Avtomat. i Telemekh., 2009, no. 4, 78–88; Autom. Remote Control, 70:4 (2009), 633–643

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by A.~A.~Ardentov, Yu.~L.~Sachkov
\paper Solution to Euler's elastic problem
\jour Avtomat. i Telemekh.
\yr 2009
\issue 4
\pages 78--88
\jour Autom. Remote Control
\yr 2009
\vol 70
\issue 4
\pages 633--643

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