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Funktsional. Anal. i Prilozhen., 1980, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 45–54 (Mi faa1852)  

This article is cited in 72 scientific papers (total in 72 papers)

Elliptic solutions of the Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation and integrable systems of particles

I. M. Krichever

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English version:
Functional Analysis and Its Applications, 1980, 14:4, 282–290

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UDC: 517.9
Received: 11.03.1980

Citation: I. M. Krichever, “Elliptic solutions of the Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation and integrable systems of particles”, Funktsional. Anal. i Prilozhen., 14:4 (1980), 45–54; Funct. Anal. Appl., 14:4 (1980), 282–290

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by I.~M.~Krichever
\paper Elliptic solutions of the Kadomtsev--Petviashvili equation and integrable systems of particles
\jour Funktsional. Anal. i Prilozhen.
\yr 1980
\vol 14
\issue 4
\pages 45--54
\jour Funct. Anal. Appl.
\yr 1980
\vol 14
\issue 4
\pages 282--290

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