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Funktsional. Anal. i Prilozhen.:

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Funktsional. Anal. i Prilozhen., 2012, Volume 46, Issue 4, Pages 14–30 (Mi faa3086)  

This article is cited in 10 scientific papers (total in 10 papers)

A Criterion for the Fundamental Principle to Hold for Invariant Subspaces on Bounded Convex Domains in the Complex Plane

O. A. Krivosheevaa, A. S. Krivosheevb

a Bashkir State University, Ufa
b Institute of Mathematics with Computing Centre of Ural Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences

Abstract: Let $D$ be a bounded convex domain of the complex plane. We study the problem of whether the fundamental principle holds for analytic function spaces on $D$ invariant with respect to the differentiation operator and admitting spectral synthesis. Earlier this problem was solved under a restriction on the multiplicities of the eigenvalues of the differentiation operator. In the present paper, we lift this restriction. Thus, we present a complete solution of the fundamental principle problem for arbitrary nontrivial closed invariant subspaces admitting spectral synthesis on arbitrary bounded convex domains.

Keywords: analytic function, convex domain, invariant subspace, fundamental principle


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English version:
Functional Analysis and Its Applications, 2012, 46:4, 249–261

Bibliographic databases:

UDC: 517.537.7
Received: 24.12.2010

Citation: O. A. Krivosheeva, A. S. Krivosheev, “A Criterion for the Fundamental Principle to Hold for Invariant Subspaces on Bounded Convex Domains in the Complex Plane”, Funktsional. Anal. i Prilozhen., 46:4 (2012), 14–30; Funct. Anal. Appl., 46:4 (2012), 249–261

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by O.~A.~Krivosheeva, A.~S.~Krivosheev
\paper A Criterion for the Fundamental Principle to Hold for Invariant Subspaces on Bounded Convex Domains in the Complex Plane
\jour Funktsional. Anal. i Prilozhen.
\yr 2012
\vol 46
\issue 4
\pages 14--30
\jour Funct. Anal. Appl.
\yr 2012
\vol 46
\issue 4
\pages 249--261

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