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Fundam. Prikl. Mat.:

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Fundam. Prikl. Mat., 2000, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 669–706 (Mi fpm497)  

This article is cited in 29 scientific papers (total in 29 papers)

Gröbner and Gröbner–Shirshov bases in algebra and conformal algebras

L. A. Bokut'a, Yu. Fongb, W.-F. Keb, P. S. Kolesnikova

a Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
b National Cheng Kung University

Abstract: In this paper the Gröbner–Shirshov bases theory is regularly presented for commutative, non-commutative, Lie and conformal algebras. The general form of Composition-Diamond lemma for conformal relations is stated. We have made a review of some results obtained with Gröbner–Shirshov bases of usual and conformal algebras. It is proved that every finitely generated commutative conformal algebra is Noetherian, an analogue of Specht problem is considered for commutative conformal algebras.

Full text: PDF file (1663 kB)

Bibliographic databases:
UDC: 512.55+512.62
Received: 01.09.2000

Citation: L. A. Bokut', Yu. Fong, W. Ke, P. S. Kolesnikov, “Gröbner and Gröbner–Shirshov bases in algebra and conformal algebras”, Fundam. Prikl. Mat., 6:3 (2000), 669–706

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by L.~A.~Bokut', Yu.~Fong, W.~Ke, P.~S.~Kolesnikov
\paper Gr\"obner and Gr\"obner--Shirshov bases in algebra and conformal algebras
\jour Fundam. Prikl. Mat.
\yr 2000
\vol 6
\issue 3
\pages 669--706

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