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Inform. Primen.:

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Inform. Primen., 2015, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 111–123 (Mi ia374)  

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Indicators for thematic linkages between science and information and computer technologies at the beginning of the XXI century

V. A. Minina, I. M. Zatsmanb, V. A. Havanskovb, S. K. Shubnikovb

a Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 32A~Leninsky Prosp., Moscow 119991, Russian Federation
b Institute of Informatics Problems, Federal Research Center "Computer Science and Control" of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 44-2 Vavilov Str., Moscow 119333, Russian Federation

Abstract: Outcomes of experimental evaluation of thematic linkages between science and information and computer technologies (ICT) are presented. The indicator values for the linkages are calculated by the testbed of an analytical information system that was created within the project of the Russian Foundation for Humanities “Information system for monitoring and evaluating innovative and technological potential of the fields of basic research”. Texts of inventions on the class G06 (Data processing; Calculations; Account) of the International patent classification were used. These texts, which were published in 2000–2012 by Rospatent, are full-text descriptions of inventions in a natural language. Prior to experimental calculation of indicator values for the linkages, automated extraction of information on the cited scientific publications was retrieved from full-text descriptions. A number of publications was determined for each field of basic research. Obtained numerical information was used for quantitative evaluation of thematic science–ICT linkages and gave the possibility to define an intensity of knowledge transfer from science to ICT sphere and estimate the linkages by quantitative indicators.

Keywords: science–technology linkages; information and communication technologies; processing of invention text; regular expressions; classifying; evaluation of indicator values.


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Received: 21.04.2015

Citation: V. A. Minin, I. M. Zatsman, V. A. Havanskov, S. K. Shubnikov, “Indicators for thematic linkages between science and information and computer technologies at the beginning of the XXI century”, Inform. Primen., 9:2 (2015), 111–123

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by V.~A.~Minin, I.~M.~Zatsman, V.~A.~Havanskov, S.~K.~Shubnikov
\paper Indicators for thematic linkages between science and~information and~computer technologies at~the~beginning of~the~XXI~century
\jour Inform. Primen.
\yr 2015
\vol 9
\issue 2
\pages 111--123

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