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IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 2016, том 52, выпуск 12, страницы 1400208–8 (Mi ieqe1)  

Some features of Boron isotopes separation by the laser-assisted retardation of condensation method in multipass irradiation cell implemented as a resonator

K. A. Lyakhova, Heon Ju Leea, A. N. Pechenb

a Department of Nuclear and Energy Engineering, Jeju National University, Jeju, South Korea
b Department of Mathematics, National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Moscow, Russia

Аннотация: More cheap production of boron isotopes is needed to provide further progress in nuclear engineering, microelectronics, and nuclear medicine. Separation of boron isotopes by laser-assisted retarded condensation scheme is considered. Continuous irradiation of steady gas flow is considered. In this case, interaction time of gas flow with laser beam (gas flow length) is desirable to make as long as possible in order to increase excitation probability. It can be provided by suitable choice of gas flow expansion conditions, such as small molar fraction of target gas in carrier gas, gas flow, and ambient small gas pressure and temperature. We propose irradiation cell design as a resonant multipass cavity. In order to estimate its length that can be used for efficient isotopes separation, we calculated laser field distribution inside the cavity for different assumed values for mirror wall reflectivities and average photo-absorption cross sections. It has been shown, that significant saving of electricity (4.2-4.6 times less) can be expected.

Финансовая поддержка Номер гранта
National Research Foundation of Korea 2010-0020077
Российский научный фонд 14-29-00142
This work was supported by the Priority Research Centers Program through the National Research Foundation of Korea funded by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (2010-0020077) Numerical simulations for laser field distribution in irradiation cell, implemented as a resonant multipass cavity, were carried out under support of Russian Science Foundation under Grant 14-29-00142 in IPME RAS.


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