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Izv. RAN. Ser. Mat., 2011, Volume 75, Issue 5, Pages 177–194 (Mi izv4279)  

This article is cited in 20 scientific papers (total in 20 papers)

On the standard conjecture of Lefschetz type for complex projective threefolds. II

S. G. Tankeev

Vladimir State University

Abstract: We show that Grothendieck's standard conjecture of Lefschetz type on the algebraicity of the operators $\ast$ and $\Lambda$ of Hodge theory holds for all smooth complex projective threefolds of Kodaira dimension $\varkappa<3$.

Keywords: complex projective threefold of non-basic type, standard conjecture of Lefschetz type, Friedlander–Mazur conjecture.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.4213/im4279

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English version:
Izvestiya: Mathematics, 2011, 75:5, 1047–1062

Bibliographic databases:

UDC: 512.6
MSC: 14C25, 14F25, 14J30
Received: 28.12.2009
Revised: 20.04.2010

Citation: S. G. Tankeev, “On the standard conjecture of Lefschetz type for complex projective threefolds. II”, Izv. RAN. Ser. Mat., 75:5 (2011), 177–194; Izv. Math., 75:5 (2011), 1047–1062

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by S.~G.~Tankeev
\paper On the standard conjecture of Lefschetz type for complex projective threefolds.~II
\jour Izv. RAN. Ser. Mat.
\yr 2011
\vol 75
\issue 5
\pages 177--194
\jour Izv. Math.
\yr 2011
\vol 75
\issue 5
\pages 1047--1062

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  • http://mi.mathnet.ru/eng/izv4279
  • https://doi.org/10.4213/im4279
  • http://mi.mathnet.ru/eng/izv/v75/i5/p177

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