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Izv. RAN. Ser. Mat.:

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Izv. RAN. Ser. Mat., 1996, Volume 60, Issue 2, Pages 195–220 (Mi izv76)  

This article is cited in 16 scientific papers (total in 16 papers)

On the contact linearization of Monge–Ampere equations

D. V. Tunitsky

International Center "Sophus Lie"

Abstract: This paper is devoted to the solution of a number of problems related to the contact classification of Monge–Ampere equations with two independent variables. In the 1870s Sophus Lie formulated the problem of finding whether a local reduction of a given Monge–Ampere equation to some simpler second-order equation (to a semilinear, linear with respect to the derivatives, equation with constant coefficients) is possible. In this paper conditions are studied that yield a realization of such a reduction. As objects that occur in the formulation of these conditions, we use the characteristic bundles of the given Monge–Ampere equation and their derivatives.


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English version:
Izvestiya: Mathematics, 1996, 60:2, 425–451

Bibliographic databases:

UDC: 517.95
MSC: Primary 58G37, 58A30; Secondary 35G20
Received: 24.05.1995

Citation: D. V. Tunitsky, “On the contact linearization of Monge–Ampere equations”, Izv. RAN. Ser. Mat., 60:2 (1996), 195–220; Izv. Math., 60:2 (1996), 425–451

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by D.~V.~Tunitsky
\paper On the contact linearization of Monge--Ampere equations
\jour Izv. RAN. Ser. Mat.
\yr 1996
\vol 60
\issue 2
\pages 195--220
\jour Izv. Math.
\yr 1996
\vol 60
\issue 2
\pages 425--451

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