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Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz.:

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Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz., 2008, Volume 87, Issue 1, Pages 45–50 (Mi jetpl10)  

This article is cited in 42 scientific papers (total in 42 papers)


Influence of the ground state of the $\mathrm{Pr}^{3+}$ ion on magnetic and magnetoelectric properties of the $\mathrm{PrFe}_3(\mathrm{BO}_3)_4$ multiferroic

A. M. Kadomtsevaa, Yu. F. Popova, G. P. Vorob'eva, A. A. Mukhinb, V. Yu. Ivanovb, A. M. Kuz'menkob, L. N. Bezmaternykhc

a Moscow State University, Moscow, 119992, Russia
b Prokhorov Institute of General Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 119991, Russia
c Institute of Physics, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Krasnoyarsk, 660038, Russia

Abstract: The magnetic, magnetoelectric, and magnetoelastic properties of a $\mathrm{PrFe}_3(\mathrm{BO}_3)_4$ single crystal and the phase transitions induced in this crystal by the magnetic field are studied both experimentally and theoretically. Unlike the previously investigated ferroborates, this material is characterized by a singlet ground state of the rare-earth ion. It is found that, below $T_N=32$ K, the magnetic structure of the crystal in the absence of the magnetic field is uniaxial $({\mathbf l}\|c)$, while, in a strong magnetic field ${\mathbf H}\|{\mathbf c}$ ($H_{cr}\sim43$ kOe at T=4.2  K), a $\mathrm{Fe}^{3+}$ spin reorientation to the basal plane takes place. The reorientation is accompanied by anomalies in magnetization, magnetostriction, and electric polarization. The threshold field values determined in the temperature interval 2–32 K are used to plot an $H-T$ phase diagram. The contribution of the $\mathrm{Pr}^{3+}$ ion ground state to the parameters under study is revealed, and the influence of the praseodymium ion on the magnetic and magnetoelectric properties of praseodymium ferroborate is analyzed.

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English version:
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics Letters, 2008, 87:1, 39–44

Bibliographic databases:

PACS: 75.80.+q
Received: 09.11.2007
Revised: 19.11.2007

Citation: A. M. Kadomtseva, Yu. F. Popov, G. P. Vorob'ev, A. A. Mukhin, V. Yu. Ivanov, A. M. Kuz'menko, L. N. Bezmaternykh, “Influence of the ground state of the $\mathrm{Pr}^{3+}$ ion on magnetic and magnetoelectric properties of the $\mathrm{PrFe}_3(\mathrm{BO}_3)_4$ multiferroic”, Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz., 87:1 (2008), 45–50; JETP Letters, 87:1 (2008), 39–44

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by A.~M.~Kadomtseva, Yu.~F.~Popov, G.~P.~Vorob'ev, A.~A.~Mukhin, V.~Yu.~Ivanov, A.~M.~Kuz'menko, L.~N.~Bezmaternykh
\paper Influence of the ground state of the $\mathrm{Pr}^{3+}$ ion on magnetic and magnetoelectric properties of the $\mathrm{PrFe}_3(\mathrm{BO}_3)_4$ multiferroic
\jour Pis'ma v Zh. \`Eksper. Teoret. Fiz.
\yr 2008
\vol 87
\issue 1
\pages 45--50
\jour JETP Letters
\yr 2008
\vol 87
\issue 1
\pages 39--44

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