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Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz.:

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Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz., 2013, Volume 97, Issue 4, Pages 195–196 (Mi jetpl3350)  

This article is cited in 13 scientific papers (total in 13 papers)


The first-order deviation of superpolynomial in an arbitrary representation from the special polynomial

A. Morozov

Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Russian Federation State Scientific Center), Moscow

Abstract: Like all other knot polynomials, the superpolynomials should be defined in arbitrary representation $R$ of the gauge group in (refined) Chern–Simons theory. However, not a single example is yet known of a superpolynomial beyond symmetric or antisymmetric representations. Following the article Equations on knot polynomials and 3d/5d duality, we consider the expansion of the superpolynomial around the special polynomial in powers of $q-1$ and $t-1$ and suggest a simple formula for the first-order deviation, which is presumably valid for arbitrary representation. This formula can serve as a crucial lacking test of various formulas for non-trivial superpolynomials, which will appear in the literature in the near future.


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English version:
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics Letters, 2013, 97:4, 171–172

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Document Type: Article
Received: 22.11.2012
Revised: 25.01.2013
Language: English

Citation: A. Morozov, “The first-order deviation of superpolynomial in an arbitrary representation from the special polynomial”, Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz., 97:4 (2013), 195–196; JETP Letters, 97:4 (2013), 171–172

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by A.~Morozov
\paper The first-order deviation of superpolynomial
in an arbitrary representation from the special polynomial
\jour Pis'ma v Zh. \`Eksper. Teoret. Fiz.
\yr 2013
\vol 97
\issue 4
\pages 195--196
\jour JETP Letters
\yr 2013
\vol 97
\issue 4
\pages 171--172

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