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Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz.:

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Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz., 2009, Volume 89, Issue 2, Pages 103–106 (Mi jetpl346)  

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Effect of an in-plane magnetic field on magnetoresistance hysteresis of the two-dimensional electron gas in the integer quantum Hall effect regime

M. V. Budantseva, A. G. Pogosova, A. K. Bakarova, A. I. Toropova, J. C. Portalbcd

a Institute of Semiconductor Physics of SB RAS
b GHMFL-CNRS, BP-166, F-38042 Grenoble, Cedex 9, France
c INSA-Toulouse, Toulouse 31077, Cedex 4, France
d Institut Universitaire de France, Toulouse, France

Abstract: Effect of an in-plane magnetic field on the features of the magnetoresistance of a narrow conducting channel placed in the bath of a macroscopic two-dimensional electron gas has been studied. These features are manifested in the hysteretic behavior of the magnetoresistance in the quantum Hall effect regime. It has been found that the hysteresis loops observed in different ranges of the filling factor may be separated into two groups that differ in both the response to the in-plane magnetic field and the temperature dependence. The basic features observed near the integer filling factors ν = 1 and 2 are almost independent of the in-plane magnetic field. Therefore, their origin is not associated with spin effects. At the same time, additional features that appear at ν ≈ 1.8 and 2.2 are suppressed by the in-plane magnetic field B ≈ 6 T and almost temperature-independent from 45 mK to 1 K.

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English version:
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics Letters, 2009, 89:2, 92–95

Bibliographic databases:

PACS: 71.45.-d, 73.23.-b, 73.43.-f
Received: 18.12.2008

Citation: M. V. Budantsev, A. G. Pogosov, A. K. Bakarov, A. I. Toropov, J. C. Portal, “Effect of an in-plane magnetic field on magnetoresistance hysteresis of the two-dimensional electron gas in the integer quantum Hall effect regime”, Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz., 89:2 (2009), 103–106; JETP Letters, 89:2 (2009), 92–95

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