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Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz.:

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Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz., 2014, Volume 99, Issue 1, Pages 19–24 (Mi jetpl3628)  

This article is cited in 8 scientific papers (total in 8 papers)


On nonlinear cascades and resonances in the outer magnetosphere

S. Savina, E. Amatab, V. Budaevac, L. M. Zelenyia, E. A. Kronbergd, J. Buechnerd, J. Safrankovae, Z. Nemeceke, J. Bleckif, L. V. Kozakg, S. I. Klimova, A. A. Skal'skya, L. Lezhena

a Space Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
b Institute for interplanetary space physics
c National Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute"
d Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
e Charles University
f Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences
g National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv

Abstract: The paper addresses nonlinear phenomena that control the interaction between plasma flow (solar wind) and magnetic barrier (magnetosphere). For the first time we demonstrate that the dominant solar wind kinetic energy: (1) excites boundary resonances and their harmonics which modulate plasma jets under the bow shock; (2) produces discrete 3-wave cascades, which could merge into a turbulent-like one; (3) jet produced cascades provide the effective anomalous plasma transport inside and out of the magnetosphere; (4) intermittency and multifractality characteristics for the statistic properties of jets result in a super-ballistic turbulent transport regime. Our results could be considered as suggestive for the space weather predictions, for turbulent cascades in different media and for the laboratory plasma confinement (e.g. for fusion devices).


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English version:
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics Letters, 2014, 99:1, 16–21

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Document Type: Article
Received: 17.07.2013
Revised: 21.12.2013
Language: English

Citation: S. Savin, E. Amata, V. Budaev, L. M. Zelenyi, E. A. Kronberg, J. Buechner, J. Safrankova, Z. Nemecek, J. Blecki, L. V. Kozak, S. I. Klimov, A. A. Skal'sky, L. Lezhen, “On nonlinear cascades and resonances in the outer magnetosphere”, Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz., 99:1 (2014), 19–24; JETP Letters, 99:1 (2014), 16–21

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by S.~Savin, E.~Amata, V.~Budaev, L.~M.~Zelenyi, E.~A.~Kronberg, J.~Buechner, J.~Safrankova, Z.~Nemecek, J.~Blecki, L.~V.~Kozak, S.~I.~Klimov, A.~A.~Skal'sky, L.~Lezhen
\paper On nonlinear cascades and resonances in the outer magnetosphere
\jour Pis'ma v Zh. \`Eksper. Teoret. Fiz.
\yr 2014
\vol 99
\issue 1
\pages 19--24
\jour JETP Letters
\yr 2014
\vol 99
\issue 1
\pages 16--21

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