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Matem. Mod., 2013, Volume 25, Number 12, Pages 65–82 (Mi mm3430)  

This article is cited in 11 scientific papers (total in 11 papers)

Mathematical modeling of sediment transport in the coastal zone of shallow reservoirs

A. I. Sukhinov, A. E. Chistyakov, E. A. Protsenko

Taganrog Institute of Technology of the Southern Federal University

Abstract: Coupled non-stationary two-dimensional models of deposits transportation and hydrodynamics processes have been presented in a coastal zone of shallow water basins. The deposit transportation model is taking into account the following physical parameters and processes: porosity of bottom deposits, critical value of tangential tension, for deposit moving, turbulent exchange, dynamically changing bottom shape and variable function elevation, wind currents and bottom friction. Discretization and numerical algorithms have been presented for constructed models. The complex of programs was constructed and results of numerical experiments were given on the basis of the developed algorithms.

Keywords: coupled hydrodynamics and 2D-model of transport of deposits in a coastal zone, discrete models, numerical realization and experiments.

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English version:
Mathematical Models and Computer Simulations, 2014, 6:4, 351–363

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UDC: 519.6:532.5
Received: 24.09.2012

Citation: A. I. Sukhinov, A. E. Chistyakov, E. A. Protsenko, “Mathematical modeling of sediment transport in the coastal zone of shallow reservoirs”, Matem. Mod., 25:12 (2013), 65–82; Math. Models Comput. Simul., 6:4 (2014), 351–363

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by A.~I.~Sukhinov, A.~E.~Chistyakov, E.~A.~Protsenko
\paper Mathematical modeling of sediment transport in the coastal zone of shallow reservoirs
\jour Matem. Mod.
\yr 2013
\vol 25
\issue 12
\pages 65--82
\jour Math. Models Comput. Simul.
\yr 2014
\vol 6
\issue 4
\pages 351--363

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