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Matem. Mod., 2003, Volume 15, Number 9, Pages 107–124 (Mi mm402)  

This article is cited in 9 scientific papers (total in 9 papers)

A program package «Razryad»: modeling of plasma acceleration in pulsed-power systems

V. A. Gasilova, A. S. Chuvatinb, A. Yu. Krukovskiia, E. L. Kartashevaa, O. G. Olkhovskayaa, A. S. Boldareva, D. S. Tarasova, N. V. Serovaa, S. V. D'yachenkoa, O. V. Fryazinova

a Institute for Mathematical Modelling, Russian Academy of Sciences
b École Polytechnique

Abstract: A first part of the paper presents theoretical grounds and general description of the program package RAZRYAD, elaborated in the Institute for Mathematical Modeling, Rus. Acad. Sci. The package application score relates to MHD problems. Speaking more correctly the RAZRYAD package is aimed to simulations of two-dimensional transient plasma flows with essential influence of radiation energy transport. These problems have their origin in investigations on plasma acceleration in pulsed-power systems. A second part of the paper provides theoretical estimations and numerical results obtained in studies of some perspective power multiplication scheme via magnetic field compression (MFC) by accelerated plasma shell. We consider primarily those problems which relate to the existing generators typically having the current maximum of about 3 MA and pulse duration about 1 $\mu s$. These generators can be used for testing of the MFC scheme. Hopefully a typical pulsed-power system of the following generation will possess a store of energy which is an order of magnitude higher than that of a modern installation. We imply that the comparison between experimental, theoretical and numerical results provides a possibility of adjusting the program so to prepare it for analysis of future experiments.

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Received: 10.02.2003

Citation: V. A. Gasilov, A. S. Chuvatin, A. Yu. Krukovskii, E. L. Kartasheva, O. G. Olkhovskaya, A. S. Boldarev, D. S. Tarasov, N. V. Serova, S. V. D'yachenko, O. V. Fryazinov, “A program package «Razryad»: modeling of plasma acceleration in pulsed-power systems”, Matem. Mod., 15:9 (2003), 107–124

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by V.~A.~Gasilov, A.~S.~Chuvatin, A.~Yu.~Krukovskii, E.~L.~Kartasheva, O.~G.~Olkhovskaya, A.~S.~Boldarev, D.~S.~Tarasov, N.~V.~Serova, S.~V.~D'yachenko, O.~V.~Fryazinov
\paper A program package <<Razryad>>: modeling of plasma acceleration in pulsed-power systems
\jour Matem. Mod.
\yr 2003
\vol 15
\issue 9
\pages 107--124

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