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Mosc. Math. J., 2003, Volume 3, Number 2, Pages 711–737 (Mi mmj107)  

This article is cited in 19 scientific papers (total in 19 papers)

Eleven great problems of mathematical hydrodynamics

V. I. Yudovich

Rostov State University

Abstract: The key unsolved problems of mathematical fluid dynamics, their current state and outlook are discussed. These problems concern global existence and uniquness theorems for basic boundary and initial-boundary value problems in the theory of ideal and viscous incompressible fluids, the spectral problems in hydrodynamic stability theory for steady and time periodic flows, creation of secondary, tertiary, etc…flow regimes as a result of bifurcations and the asymptotics of vanishing viscosity. Several new problems are formulated.

Key words and phrases: Incompressible fluid, unsolved problems, existence, uniqueness, stability, asymptotics.


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MSC: 37Nxx, 35Qxx
Received: February 16, 2002

Citation: V. I. Yudovich, “Eleven great problems of mathematical hydrodynamics”, Mosc. Math. J., 3:2 (2003), 711–737

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\by V.~I.~Yudovich
\paper Eleven great problems of mathematical hydrodynamics
\jour Mosc. Math.~J.
\yr 2003
\vol 3
\issue 2
\pages 711--737

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