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Mosc. Math. J., 2006, Volume 6, Number 4, Pages 731–768 (Mi mmj267)  

This article is cited in 13 scientific papers (total in 13 papers)

A projective invariant for swallowtails and godrons, and global theorems on the flecnodal curve

R. Uribe-Vargas

Université Paris VII – Denis Diderot

Abstract: We show some generic (robust) properties of smooth surfaces immersed in the real 3-space (Euclidean, affine or projective), in the neighbourhood of a godron (called also cusp of Gauss): an isolated parabolic point at which the (unique) asymptotic direction is tangent to the parabolic curve. With the help of these properties and a projective invariant that we associate to each godron we present all possible local configurations of the tangent plane, the self-intersection line, the cuspidal edge and the flecnodal curve at a generic swallowtail in $\mathbb R^3$. We present some global results, for instance: In a hyperbolic disc of a generic smooth surface, the flecnodal curve has an odd number of transverse self-intersections (hence at least one self-intersection).

Key words and phrases: Geometry of surfaces, tangential singularities, swallowtail, parabolic curve, flecnodal curve, cusp of Gauss, godron, wave front, Legendrian singularities.


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MSC: 14B05, 32S25, 58K35, 58K60, 53A20, 53A15, 53A05, 53D99, 70G45
Received: January 18, 2006

Citation: R. Uribe-Vargas, “A projective invariant for swallowtails and godrons, and global theorems on the flecnodal curve”, Mosc. Math. J., 6:4 (2006), 731–768

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by R.~Uribe-Vargas
\paper A~projective invariant for swallowtails and godrons, and global theorems on the flecnodal curve
\jour Mosc. Math.~J.
\yr 2006
\vol 6
\issue 4
\pages 731--768

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