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Mosc. Math. J., 2012, Volume 12, Number 3, Pages 515–542 (Mi mmj456)  

This article is cited in 17 scientific papers (total in 17 papers)

On a conjecture of Deligne

Vladimir Drinfeld

University of Chicago, Department of Mathematics, Chicago, IL 60637

Abstract: Let $X$ be a smooth variety over $\mathbb{F}_p$. Let $E$ be a number field. For each nonarchimedean place $\lambda$ of $E$ prime to $p$ consider the set of isomorphism classes of irreducible lisse $\overline{E}_{\lambda}$-sheaves on $X$ with determinant of finite order such that for every closed point $x\in X$ the characteristic polynomial of the Frobenius $F_x$ has coefficents in $E$. We prove that this set does not depend on $\lambda$.
The idea is to use a method developed by G. Wiesend to reduce the problem to the case where $X$ is a curve. This case was treated by L. Lafforgue.

Key words and phrases: $\ell$-adic representation, independence of $\ell$, local system, Langlands conjecture, arithmetic scheme, Hilbert irreducibility, weakly motivic.


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MSC: 14G15, 11G35

Citation: Vladimir Drinfeld, “On a conjecture of Deligne”, Mosc. Math. J., 12:3 (2012), 515–542

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\by Vladimir~Drinfeld
\paper On a conjecture of Deligne
\jour Mosc. Math.~J.
\yr 2012
\vol 12
\issue 3
\pages 515--542

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