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Mosc. Math. J., 2002, Volume 2, Number 3, Pages 567–588 (Mi mmj64)  

This article is cited in 27 scientific papers (total in 27 papers)

$q$-characters of the tensor products in $\mathbf{sl}_2$-case

B. L. Feigina, E. B. Feiginb

a L. D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences
b Independent University of Moscow

Abstract: Let $\pi,…,\pi_n$ be irreducible finite-dimensional $\mathbf{sl}_2$-modules. Using the theory of representations of current algebras, we introduce several ways to construct a $q$-grading on $\pi_1\otimes…\otimes\pi_n$. We study the corresponding graded modules and prove that they are essentially the same.

Key words and phrases: Universal enveloping algebra, representation theory, current algebra, Gordon's formula.


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MSC: Primary 05A30; Secondary 17B35
Received: April 14, 2002

Citation: B. L. Feigin, E. B. Feigin, “$q$-characters of the tensor products in $\mathbf{sl}_2$-case”, Mosc. Math. J., 2:3 (2002), 567–588

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by B.~L.~Feigin, E.~B.~Feigin
\paper $q$-characters of the tensor products in $\mathbf{sl}_2$-case
\jour Mosc. Math.~J.
\yr 2002
\vol 2
\issue 3
\pages 567--588

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