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Tr. Mosk. Mat. Obs., 1984, Volume 47, Pages 68–102 (Mi mmo444)  

This article is cited in 25 scientific papers (total in 27 papers)

Absence of crystallographic groups of reflections in Lobachevski˜{i} spaces of large dimension

È. B. Vinberg

Full text: PDF file (6102 kB)

Bibliographic databases:
UDC: 519.46
MSC: Primary 22E40; Secondary 20H15, 51E15
Received: 10.12.1980

Citation: È. B. Vinberg, “Absence of crystallographic groups of reflections in Lobachevski˜{i} spaces of large dimension”, Tr. Mosk. Mat. Obs., 47, MSU, M., 1984, 68–102

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by \`E.~B.~Vinberg
\paper Absence of crystallographic groups of reflections in Lobachevski\~{i} spaces of large dimension
\serial Tr. Mosk. Mat. Obs.
\yr 1984
\vol 47
\pages 68--102
\publ MSU
\publaddr M.

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