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Mat. Zametki, 2005, Volume 78, Issue 5, Pages 763–772 (Mi mz2632)  

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Approximation from Above of Systems of Differential Inclusions with Non-Lipschitzian Right-Hand Side

E. V. Sokolovskaya, O. P. Filatov

Samara State University

Abstract: Suppose that $\mathbb R^n$ is the $p$-dimensional space with Euclidean norm ${\|\cdot\|}$, $K(\mathbb R^p)$ is the set of nonempty compact sets in $\mathbb R^p$, $\mathbb R_+=0,+\infty)$, $D=\mathbb R_+\times\mathbb R^m\times\mathbb R^n\times[0,a]$, $D_0=\mathbb R_+\times\mathbb R^m$, $F_0\colon D_0\to K(\mathbb R^m)$, and $\operatorname{co}F_0$ is the convex cover of the mapping $F_0$. We consider the Cauchy problem for the system of differential inclusions
$$ \dot x\in\mu F(t,x,y,\mu),\quad \dot y\in G(t,x,y,\mu),\qquad x(0)=x_0,\quad y(0)=y_0 $$
with slow $x$ and fast $y$ variables; here $F\colon D\to K(\mathbb R^m)$, $G\colon D\to K(\mathbb R^n)$, and $\mu\in[0,a]$ is a small parameter. It is assumed that this problem has at least one solution on $[0,1/\mu]$ for all sufficiently small $\mu\in[0,a]$. Under certain conditions on $F$, $G$, and $F_0$, comprising both the usual conditions for approximation problems and some new ones (which are weaker than the Lipschitz property), it is proved that, for any $\varepsilon>0$, there is a $\mu_0>0$ such that for any $\mu\in(0,\mu_0]$ and any solution $(x_\mu(t),y_\mu(t))$ of the problem under consideration, there exists a solution $u_\mu(t)$ of the problem $\dot u\in\mu\operatorname{co}F_0(t,u)$, $u(0)=x_0$ for which the inequality $\|x_\mu(t)-u_\mu(t)\|<\varepsilon$ holds for each $t\in[0,1/\mu]$.


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English version:
Mathematical Notes, 2005, 78:5, 709–718

Bibliographic databases:

UDC: 517.928
Received: 04.06.2004

Citation: E. V. Sokolovskaya, O. P. Filatov, “Approximation from Above of Systems of Differential Inclusions with Non-Lipschitzian Right-Hand Side”, Mat. Zametki, 78:5 (2005), 763–772; Math. Notes, 78:5 (2005), 709–718

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by E.~V.~Sokolovskaya, O.~P.~Filatov
\paper Approximation from Above of Systems of Differential Inclusions with Non-Lipschitzian Right-Hand Side
\jour Mat. Zametki
\yr 2005
\vol 78
\issue 5
\pages 763--772
\jour Math. Notes
\yr 2005
\vol 78
\issue 5
\pages 709--718

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