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Prikl. Diskr. Mat., 2013, Number 3(21), Pages 93–104 (Mi pdm416)  

This article is cited in 12 scientific papers (total in 12 papers)

Mathematical Foundations of Informatics and Programming

Cryptographic extension and its implementation for Russian programming language

G. P. Agibalov, V. B. Lipsky, I. A. Pankratova

Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia

Abstract: Cryptographic extension of the Russian programming language LYaPAS called LYaPAS-T is presented. The extension concerns the size of operands and the set of elementary operations over them. It is caused by the need of trustworthy and effective soft and hard implementations of contemporary cryptographic algorithms in secure computer systems applied for the logical control of critically important objects such as cosmic systems, nuclear weapons, energetic plants, submarines, etc. A LYaPAS-T compiler generating a load module for operating system Linux, and the projects of a LYaPAS-T processor implementing LYaPAS-T in hardware and of a preprocessor translating LYaPAS-T programs to the executive code of the processor are presented too. It is also told that for a LYaPAS-T subset containing neither subprograms nor operations over complexes and long operands, the architecture of the processor has been described in VHDL, tested by means of a computer simulation, and implemented in a programmable logical integrated circuit obtained with the help of a computer-aided design.

Keywords: Russian programming language, LYaPAS-T, compiler, preprocessor, processor, hard implementation.

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UDC: 004.43+004.056

Citation: G. P. Agibalov, V. B. Lipsky, I. A. Pankratova, “Cryptographic extension and its implementation for Russian programming language”, Prikl. Diskr. Mat., 2013, no. 3(21), 93–104

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by G.~P.~Agibalov, V.~B.~Lipsky, I.~A.~Pankratova
\paper Cryptographic extension and its implementation for Russian programming language
\jour Prikl. Diskr. Mat.
\yr 2013
\issue 3(21)
\pages 93--104

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