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Prikl. Diskr. Mat.:

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Prikl. Diskr. Mat., 2017, Number 35, Pages 89–101 (Mi pdm570)  

This article is cited in 4 scientific papers (total in 4 papers)

Applied Graph Theory

Conditions of primitivity and exponent bounds for sets of digraphs

Y. E. Avezovaa, V. M. Fomichevabc

a National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), Moscow, Russia
b Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia
c The Institute of Informatics Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Abstract: For a set of digraphs $\hat\Gamma=\{\Gamma_1,…,\Gamma_p\}$, $p>1$, we present a criterion to be primitive. We do it in terms of characteristics of the multidigraph $\Gamma^{(p)}=\Gamma_1\cup…\cup\Gamma_p$ where each edge in $\Gamma_i$ is assigned the label $i$, $i=1,…,p$. Any walk of length $s$ in $\Gamma^{(p)}$ is assigned a word $w=w_1…w_s$ of length $s$ over the alphabet $\{1,…,p\}$, and the corresponding product of digraphs $\Gamma(w)=\Gamma_{w_1}\cdot…\cdot\Gamma_{w_s}$ is introduced. The walk is assigned the label $w^t$ if it is the concatenation of $t$ walks labeled with $w$. The multidigraph $\Gamma^{(p)}$ is called $w$-strongly connected if it is strongly connected and, for all its vertices $i$ and $j$, there exists a walk in $\Gamma^{(p)}$ from $i$ to $j$ labeled with $w^t$ for some natural number $t$. By the definition, the set of digraphs $\hat\Gamma$ is primitive if and only if $\Gamma(w)$ is primitive for some word $w$. Thus, we have the following criterion: the digraph $\Gamma(w)$ is primitive if and only if $\Gamma^{(p)}$ is $w$-strongly connected and has cycles labeled with $w^{t_1},…,w^{t_m}$, where $\mathrm{gcd}(t_1,…,t_m)=1$. As a corollary, we prove that the problem of recognizing the primitivity of $\hat\Gamma$ is algorithmically decidable. In the particular case, when the digraphs in $\hat\Gamma$ have the common set of cycles $\hat C=\{C_1,…,C_m\}$ of lengths $l_1,…,l_m$ respectively, $m\geq1$, $l_1\leq…\leq l_m$, the digraph $\Gamma(w)$, $w=w_1…w_s$, is primitive if any one of the following conditions holds: a) $m=1$ and $l_1=1$; b) $\mathrm{gcd}(l_1,\ldots,l_m)=s$; c) the digraph $C_1\cup…\cup C_m$ is connected and has quasi-Eulerian $\hat C$-cycle of length $s$. At last, for the set of digraphs $\hat\Gamma=\{\Gamma_0,…,\Gamma_{n-1}\}$ with vertex set $\{0,…,n-1\}$, where for some $l$, $n\geq l>1$, each $\Gamma_i$, $i\in\{0,…,n-1\}$, has a Hamiltonian cycle $(0,…,n-1)$ and the edge $(i,(i+l)\mod n)$, we prove the following criterion of primitivity and bounds for the exponent: the set $\hat\Gamma=\{\Gamma_0,…,\Gamma_{n-1}\}$ is primitive if and only if gcd$(n, l-1)=1$, and in this case $n-1\leq\exp\hat\Gamma\leq 2n-2$. The minimal subset of $\hat\Gamma=\{\Gamma_0,…,\Gamma_{n-1}\}$ with exponent $2n-2$ contains at most $n/d$ digraphs, where $d=\mathrm{gcd}(n,l)$. The presented results are used for evaluating mixing properties of cryptographic functions compositions.

Keywords: Wielandt's graph, primitive set of matrices (digraphs), exponent of digraph.


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UDC: 519.1

Citation: Y. E. Avezova, V. M. Fomichev, “Conditions of primitivity and exponent bounds for sets of digraphs”, Prikl. Diskr. Mat., 2017, no. 35, 89–101

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by Y.~E.~Avezova, V.~M.~Fomichev
\paper Conditions of primitivity and exponent bounds for sets of digraphs
\jour Prikl. Diskr. Mat.
\yr 2017
\issue 35
\pages 89--101

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