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Probl. Peredachi Inf.:

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Probl. Peredachi Inf., 1999, Volume 35, Issue 2, Pages 51–66 (Mi ppi442)  

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Methods of Signal Processing

A Statistical Approach to Some Inverse Problems for Partial Differential Equations

G. K. Golubev, R. Z. Khas'minskii

Abstract: Some inverse problems for the Laplace equation and heat-conduction equation are considered. The solutions of these equations are assumed to be observed under the Gaussian white noise of low intensity. The problem consists of the renewal of the unknown smooth boundary conditions or initial conditions from the solution observed against a noise background. It is shown that the minimax estimates of the second order are linear for low spectral density of the noise.

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English version:
Problems of Information Transmission, 1999, 35:2, 136–149

Bibliographic databases:
UDC: 621.391.1:519.27
Received: 15.09.1998

Citation: G. K. Golubev, R. Z. Khas'minskii, “A Statistical Approach to Some Inverse Problems for Partial Differential Equations”, Probl. Peredachi Inf., 35:2 (1999), 51–66; Problems Inform. Transmission, 35:2 (1999), 136–149

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by G.~K.~Golubev, R.~Z.~Khas'minskii
\paper A~Statistical Approach to Some Inverse Problems for Partial Differential Equations
\jour Probl. Peredachi Inf.
\yr 1999
\vol 35
\issue 2
\pages 51--66
\jour Problems Inform. Transmission
\yr 1999
\vol 35
\issue 2
\pages 136--149

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