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Kvantovaya Elektronika, 2007, Volume 37, Number 10, Pages 916–923 (Mi qe13614)  

This article is cited in 11 scientific papers (total in 11 papers)

Special issue devoted to the 25 anniversary of the A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute

Terahertz BWO spectroscopy of conductors and superconductors

B. P. Gorshunova, A. A. Volkova, A. S. Prokhorova, I. E. Spektora, J. Akimitsub, M. Dresselc, G. Nieuwenhuysd, S. Tomiće, S. Uchidaf

a Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
b Department of Physics, Aoyama-Gakun University, Japan
c Physikalisches Institut, Universität Stuttgart, Germany
d Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory, Leiden University, The Netherlands
e Institut za Fiziku, Croatia
f Department of Physics, University of Tokyo, Japan

Abstract: Methods for direct (without the use of the Kramers–Kronig relations) measuring the dielectric response (dynamic conductivity and permittivity) spectra of dielectrics, conductors, and superconductors in the terahertz frequency range (0.03 – 1.5 THz) are described. The methods are realised by using BWO (backward-wave oscillator) spectrometers developed at the A. M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute, RAS. Dielectric measurements can be performed at temperatures from 2 to 1000 K in magnetic fields up to 8 T. The dielectric response spectra are investigated for a number of materials with properties determined by electron correlation effects: superconductors, one-dimensional conductors, heavy fermion systems, spin-ladder cuprates, and spin glasses.

Full text: PDF file (389 kB)

English version:
Quantum Electronics, 2007, 37:10, 916–923

Bibliographic databases:

PACS: 07.57.Hm, 07.57.Pt, 07.57.Ty, 74.25.-q
Received: 02.05.2007

Citation: B. P. Gorshunov, A. A. Volkov, A. S. Prokhorov, I. E. Spektor, J. Akimitsu, M. Dressel, G. Nieuwenhuys, S. Tomić, S. Uchida, “Terahertz BWO spectroscopy of conductors and superconductors”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 37:10 (2007), 916–923 [Quantum Electron., 37:10 (2007), 916–923]

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