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Kvantovaya Elektronika, 2008, Volume 38, Number 3, Pages 227–232 (Mi qe13699)  

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Heat conduction of laser vanadate crystals

A. I. Zagumennyia, P. A. Popovb, F. Zeroukc, Yu. D. Zavartseva, S. A. Kutovoia, I. A. Shcherbakova

a Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
b Bryansk State University
c Zecotek Medical Systems Ltd., Singapore

Abstract: The heat conduction of laser vanadate crystals $GdVO_4$, $YVO_4$ and their solid solutions is measured in the temperature interval from 50 to 350 $K$. Mixed rare-earth vanadates have the common chemical formula $Re'_{1-x}Re"_x VO_4$, where $Re'$, and $Re"$ are two or more types of ions from a series $La^{3+}$, $Pr^{3+}$, $Nd^{3+}$, $Sm^{3+}$, $Eu^{3+}$, $Gd^{3+}$, $Tb^{3+}$, $Dy^{3+}$, $Ho^{3+}$, $Er^{3+}$, $Tm^{3+}$, $Yb^{3+}$, $Lu^{3+}$, $Sc^{3+}$, $Y^{3+}$. The heat conduction of $YVO_4$:$Nd$ measured at room temperature proved to be more than twice higher than that reported in the literature and in certificate characteristics of laser $YVO_4$:$Nd$ elements manufactured by numerous commercial companies. The empirical dependences of the heat conduction along the crystallographic axes $\langle100\rangle$ and $\langle001\rangle$ on the composition of rare-earth vanadates $Re'_{1-x}Re"_x VO_4$, are obtained in the temperature interval from 200 to 350 $K$.

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English version:
Quantum Electronics, 2008, 38:3, 227–232

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PACS: 42.70.Hj, 66.70.-f
Received: 17.07.2007
Revised: 28.09.2007

Citation: A. I. Zagumennyi, P. A. Popov, F. Zerouk, Yu. D. Zavartsev, S. A. Kutovoi, I. A. Shcherbakov, “Heat conduction of laser vanadate crystals”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 38:3 (2008), 227–232 [Quantum Electron., 38:3 (2008), 227–232]

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by A.~I.~Zagumennyi, P.~A.~Popov, F.~Zerouk, Yu.~D.~Zavartsev, S.~A.~Kutovoi, I.~A.~Shcherbakov
\paper Heat conduction of laser vanadate crystals
\jour Kvantovaya Elektronika
\yr 2008
\vol 38
\issue 3
\pages 227--232
\jour Quantum Electron.
\yr 2008
\vol 38
\issue 3
\pages 227--232

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