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Kvantovaya Elektronika, 2012, Volume 42, Number 3, Pages 244–249 (Mi qe14759)  

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Laser spectroscopy

On the possibility of designing a high-resolution heterodyne spectrometer for near-IR range on the basis of a tunable diode laser

A. Yu. Klimchuka, A. I. Nadezhdinskiib, Ya. Ya. Ponurovskiib, Yu. P. Shapovalovb, A. V. Rodinac

a Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)
b Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
c Space Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

Abstract: The results of heterodyning of broadband radiation in the near-IR range are presented. A stabilised DFB laser was used as a local oscillator, while the role of a broadband radiation source was played by another DFB laser, excited by the pump current below its threshold value. A fibre-optical Y-coupler based on the single-mode silica fibre served as a diplexer. The radiation mixed in the singlemode fibre was incident on the photodetector, the role of which was played by a p — i — n photodiode. The signal from the photodiode was amplified by the preamplifier with the feedback resistance 240 kΩ and the bandwidth ~1 MHz and then digitised using a 16-digit ADC. The frequency scanning was implemented via the variation of the local oscillator frequency. The developed registration system provides the sensitivity ~1.4 % of the shot noise value at the acquisition time ~40 min.

Keywords: heterodyning, diode laser, near-IR region.

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English version:
Quantum Electronics, 2012, 42:3, 244–249

Bibliographic databases:

PACS: 42.62.Fi, 42.55.Px, 07.57.Ty
Received: 28.10.2011
Revised: 09.12.2011

Citation: A. Yu. Klimchuk, A. I. Nadezhdinskii, Ya. Ya. Ponurovskii, Yu. P. Shapovalov, A. V. Rodin, “On the possibility of designing a high-resolution heterodyne spectrometer for near-IR range on the basis of a tunable diode laser”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 42:3 (2012), 244–249 [Quantum Electron., 42:3 (2012), 244–249]

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  • http://mi.mathnet.ru/eng/qe14759
  • http://mi.mathnet.ru/eng/qe/v42/i3/p244

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