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Regul. Chaotic Dyn.:

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Regul. Chaotic Dyn., 2015, Volume 20, Issue 5, Pages 553–604 (Mi rcd21)  

This article is cited in 34 scientific papers (total in 34 papers)

Symmetries and Reduction in Nonholonomic Mechanics

Alexey V. Borisova, Ivan S. Mamaevb

a Udmurt State University, ul. Universitetskaya 1, Izhevsk, 426034 Russia
b M. T. Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University ul. Studencheskaya 7, Izhevsk, 426069 Russia

Abstract: This paper is a review of the problem of the constructive reduction of nonholonomic systems with symmetries. The connection of reduction with the presence of the simplest tensor invariants (first integrals and symmetry fields) is shown. All theoretical constructions are illustrated by examples encountered in applications. In addition, the paper contains a short historical and critical sketch covering the contribution of various researchers to this problem.

Keywords: reduction, symmetry, tensor invariant, first integral, symmetry group, symmetry field, nonholonomic constraint, Noether theorem

Funding Agency Grant Number
Russian Science Foundation 15-12-20035
Sections 2-4 were written by A. V. Borisov and supported by the RSF grant no. 15-12-20035. Sections 5, 6 and Appendices were written by I. S. Mamaev within the framework of the RSF grant no. 14-19-01303.


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MSC: 37J60, 37J35, 37C10
Received: 01.08.2015

Citation: Alexey V. Borisov, Ivan S. Mamaev, “Symmetries and Reduction in Nonholonomic Mechanics”, Regul. Chaotic Dyn., 20:5 (2015), 553–604

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\by Alexey V. Borisov, Ivan S. Mamaev
\paper Symmetries and Reduction in Nonholonomic Mechanics
\jour Regul. Chaotic Dyn.
\yr 2015
\vol 20
\issue 5
\pages 553--604

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