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Usp. Khim., 2009, Volume 78, Issue 1, Pages 24–55 (Mi rcr148)  

This article is cited in 46 scientific papers (total in 46 papers)

Stereochemical non-rigidity of complexes of hypercoordinate Group 14 elements

V. V. Negrebetskya, S. N. Tandurab, Yu. I. Baukova

a N. I. Pirogov Russian State Medical University
b N.D. Zelinskii Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences

Abstract: Published data on stereodynamic processes in the coordination units of di- and tetravalent silicon, germanium, tin and lead compounds are summarized and analyzed.

Full text:

English version:
Russian Chemical Reviews, 2009, 78:1, 21–51

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Document Type: Article
Received: 04.07.2008

Citation: V. V. Negrebetsky, S. N. Tandura, Yu. I. Baukov, “Stereochemical non-rigidity of complexes of hypercoordinate Group 14 elements”, Usp. Khim., 78:1 (2009), 24–55; Russian Chem. Reviews, 78:1 (2009), 21–51

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    This publication is cited in the following articles:
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