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Usp. Khim., 1967, Volume 36, Issue 9, Pages 1533–1562 (Mi rcr2113)  

This article is cited in 66 scientific papers (total in 66 papers)

αβ-Unsaturated ethers and their analogues in reactions of diene synthesis

L. S. Povarov

N. D. Zelinskii Institute of Organic Chemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow

Abstract: CONTENTS
I. Introduction 656
II. Structure of the αβ-unsaturated ethers and their analogues 657
III. Mechanism of diene condensations 659
IV. Reactions with hydrocarbon dienes 661
V. Reactions with substituted hydrocarbon dienes 662
VI. Reactions with heterodienes 663

Full text:

English version:
Russian Chemical Reviews, 1967, 36:9, 656–670

Document Type: Article
UDC: 547.361.3

Citation: L. S. Povarov, “αβ-Unsaturated ethers and their analogues in reactions of diene synthesis”, Usp. Khim., 36:9 (1967), 1533–1562; Russian Chem. Reviews, 36:9 (1967), 656–670

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    This publication is cited in the following articles:
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