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Usp. Khim.:

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Usp. Khim., 2006, Volume 75, Issue 11, Pages 1045–1073 (Mi rcr371)  

This article is cited in 40 scientific papers (total in 40 papers)

Theoretical studies on [3+2]-cycloaddition reactions

M. L. Kuznetsov

Department of Chemistry, Moscow State Pedagogical University

Abstract: The results of theoretical studies on [3+2]-cycloaddition reactions carried out during the last decade are summarised. The reaction mechanisms are discussed. The catalyst, solvent, and substituent effects on the reactivities of compounds and on the mechanisms, regioselectivity and stereoselectivity of reactions are considered. The results of theoretical studies are compared with corresponding experimental data.

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English version:
Russian Chemical Reviews, 2006, 75:11, 935–960

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Document Type: Article
Received: 10.03.2005

Citation: M. L. Kuznetsov, “Theoretical studies on [3+2]-cycloaddition reactions”, Usp. Khim., 75:11 (2006), 1045–1073; Russian Chem. Reviews, 75:11 (2006), 935–960

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    This publication is cited in the following articles:
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