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Sib. Èlektron. Mat. Izv.:

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Sib. Èlektron. Mat. Izv., 2006, Volume 3, Pages 441–450 (Mi semr219)  

This article is cited in 13 scientific papers (total in 13 papers)

Research papers

Sufficient conditions for the minimum $2$-distance colorability of plane graphs of girth $6$

O. V. Borodina, A. O. Ivanovab, T. K. Neustroevab

a Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
b Yakutsk State University

Abstract: A trivial lower bound for the $2$-distance chromatic number $\chi_2(G)$ of any graph $G$ with maximum degree $\Delta$ is $\Delta+1$. It is known that if $G$ is planar and its girth is at least $7$, then for large enough $\Delta$ this bound is sharp, while for girth $6$ it is not true. We prove that if $G$ is planar, its girth is $6$, every edge is incident with a $2$-vertex, and $\Delta\ge31$, then $\chi_2(G)=\Delta+1$.

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Bibliographic databases:
UDC: 519.172.2
MSC: 05С15
Received December 1, 2006, published December 29, 2006

Citation: O. V. Borodin, A. O. Ivanova, T. K. Neustroeva, “Sufficient conditions for the minimum $2$-distance colorability of plane graphs of girth $6$”, Sib. Èlektron. Mat. Izv., 3 (2006), 441–450

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by O.~V.~Borodin, A.~O.~Ivanova, T.~K.~Neustroeva
\paper Sufficient conditions for the minimum $2$-distance colorability of plane graphs of girth~$6$
\jour Sib. \`Elektron. Mat. Izv.
\yr 2006
\vol 3
\pages 441--450

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