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SIGMA, 2007, Volume 3, 075, 7 pages (Mi sigma201)  

This article is cited in 22 scientific papers (total in 22 papers)

The Veldkamp Space of Two-Qubits

Metod Sanigaa, Michel Planatb, Petr Pracnac, Hans Havlicekd

a Astronomical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, SK-05960 Tatranská Lomnica, Slovak Republic
b Institut FEMTO — ST, CNRS, Département LPMO, 32 Avenue de l'Observatoire, F-25044 Besançon Cedex, France
c J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Dolejskova 3, CZ-182 23 Prague 8, Czech Republic
d Institut für Diskrete Mathematik und Geometrie, Technische Universität Wien, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10, A-1040 Vienna, Austria

Abstract: Given a remarkable representation of the generalized Pauli operators of two-qubits in terms of the points of the generalized quadrangle of order two, $W(2)$, it is shown that specific subsets of these operators can also be associated with the points and lines of the four-dimensional projective space over the Galois field with two elements – the so-called Veldkamp space of $W(2)$. An intriguing novelty is the recognition of (uni- and tri-centric) triads and specific pentads of the Pauli operators in addition to the "classical" subsets answering to geometric hyperplanes of $W(2)$.

Keywords: generalized quadrangles; Veldkamp spaces; Pauli operators of two-qubits


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Bibliographic databases:

ArXiv: 0704.0495
MSC: 51Exx; 81R99
Received: April 13, 2007; in final form June 18, 2007; Published online June 29, 2007

Citation: Metod Saniga, Michel Planat, Petr Pracna, Hans Havlicek, “The Veldkamp Space of Two-Qubits”, SIGMA, 3 (2007), 075, 7 pp.

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by Metod Saniga, Michel Planat, Petr Pracna, Hans Havlicek
\paper The Veldkamp Space of Two-Qubits
\jour SIGMA
\yr 2007
\vol 3
\papernumber 075
\totalpages 7

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