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SIGMA, 2010, Volume 6, 038, 18 pages (Mi sigma495)  

This article is cited in 43 scientific papers (total in 43 papers)

Manifestly Conformal Descriptions and Higher Symmetries of Bosonic Singletons

Xavier Bekaertab, Maxim Grigorievc

a Université François Rabelais, Parc de Grandmont, 37200 Tours, France
b Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Physique Théorique, Unité Mixte de Recherche 6083 du CNRS, Fédération Denis Poisson
c Tamm Theory Department, Lebedev Physics Institute, Leninsky prospect 53, 119991 Moscow, Russia

Abstract: The usual ambient space approach to conformal fields is based on identifying the $d$-dimensional conformal space as the Dirac projective hypercone in a flat $d+2$-dimensional ambient space. In this work, we explicitly concentrate on singletons of any integer spin and propose an approach that allows one to have both locality and conformal symmetry manifest. This is achieved by using the ambient space representation in the fiber rather than in spacetime. This approach allows us to characterize a subalgebra of higher symmetries for any bosonic singleton, which is a candidate higher-spin algebra for mixed symmetry gauge fields on anti de Sitter spacetime. Furthermore, we argue that this algebra actually exhausts all higher symmetries.

Keywords: higher symmetries; conformal symmetry


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ArXiv: 0907.3195
MSC: 70S10; 51P05
Received: November 9, 2009; in final form April 23, 2010; Published online May 7, 2010

Citation: Xavier Bekaert, Maxim Grigoriev, “Manifestly Conformal Descriptions and Higher Symmetries of Bosonic Singletons”, SIGMA, 6 (2010), 038, 18 pp.

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by Xavier Bekaert, Maxim Grigoriev
\paper Manifestly Conformal Descriptions and Higher Symmetries of Bosonic Singletons
\jour SIGMA
\yr 2010
\vol 6
\papernumber 038
\totalpages 18

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