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Mat. Sb., 1990, Volume 181, Number 12, Pages 1721–1727 (Mi msb1257)  

This article is cited in 18 scientific papers (total in 18 papers)

On the connection between mean oscillation and exact integrability classes of functions

A. A. Korenovskii

Abstract: Exact integrability classes are obtained for the functions in the John–Nirenberg and Gurov–Reshetnyak inequalities.

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English version:
Mathematics of the USSR-Sbornik, 1992, 71:2, 561–567

Bibliographic databases:

UDC: 517.5
MSC: 39B72, 46E30, 26A45, 26D15
Received: 26.03.1990

Citation: A. A. Korenovskii, “On the connection between mean oscillation and exact integrability classes of functions”, Mat. Sb., 181:12 (1990), 1721–1727; Math. USSR-Sb., 71:2 (1992), 561–567

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by A.~A.~Korenovskii
\paper On the connection between mean oscillation and exact integrability classes of functions
\jour Mat. Sb.
\yr 1990
\vol 181
\issue 12
\pages 1721--1727
\jour Math. USSR-Sb.
\yr 1992
\vol 71
\issue 2
\pages 561--567

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