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Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1986, Volume 129(171), Number 2, Pages 175–185 (Mi msb1814)  

This article is cited in 12 scientific papers (total in 12 papers)

Pseudodifferential operators on $\mathbf R^n$ and limit operators

B. V. Lange, V. S. Rabinovich

Abstract: The Fredholm property and spectral properties are considered for pseudodifferential operators on $\mathbf R^n$ with symbol satisfying the estimates
\begin{equation} |\partial^\beta_x\partial^\alpha_\xi a(x,\xi)|\leqslant C_{\alpha\beta}\lambda(x,\xi)\qquad\forall \alpha,\beta,C_{\alpha\beta}>0, \end{equation}
where $\lambda(x,\xi)$ is a basic weight function.
As follows from (1), differentiation of the symbol does not improve its behavior at infinity.
The family of limit operators is introduced for a pseudodifferential operator. A theorem is proved giving necessary and sufficient conditions for the Fredholm property in terms of invertibility of the family of limit operators. Some properties of the spectrum are formulated in the same terms. Examples are given which illustrate the main results.
Bibliography: 14 titles.

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English version:
Mathematics of the USSR-Sbornik, 1987, 57:1, 183–194

Bibliographic databases:

UDC: 517.9
MSC: Primary 35S05, 47A53; Secondary 47G05
Received: 30.01.1984

Citation: B. V. Lange, V. S. Rabinovich, “Pseudodifferential operators on $\mathbf R^n$ and limit operators”, Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 129(171):2 (1986), 175–185; Math. USSR-Sb., 57:1 (1987), 183–194

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by B.~V.~Lange, V.~S.~Rabinovich
\paper Pseudodifferential operators on $\mathbf R^n$ and limit operators
\jour Mat. Sb. (N.S.)
\yr 1986
\vol 129(171)
\issue 2
\pages 175--185
\jour Math. USSR-Sb.
\yr 1987
\vol 57
\issue 1
\pages 183--194

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