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Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1967, Volume 73(115), Number 3, Pages 331–355 (Mi msb4132)  

This article is cited in 76 scientific papers (total in 76 papers)

Piecewise-polynomial approximations of functions of the classes $W_p^\alpha$

M. Sh. Birman, M. Z. Solomyak

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English version:
Mathematics of the USSR-Sbornik, 1967, 2:3, 295–317

Bibliographic databases:

UDC: 513.881
MSC: 47G10, 28A05, 46E35, 41A46
Received: 30.11.1966

Citation: M. Sh. Birman, M. Z. Solomyak, “Piecewise-polynomial approximations of functions of the classes $W_p^\alpha$”, Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 73(115):3 (1967), 331–355; Math. USSR-Sb., 2:3 (1967), 295–317

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by M.~Sh.~Birman, M.~Z.~Solomyak
\paper Piecewise-polynomial approximations of functions of the classes $W_p^\alpha$
\jour Mat. Sb. (N.S.)
\yr 1967
\vol 73(115)
\issue 3
\pages 331--355
\jour Math. USSR-Sb.
\yr 1967
\vol 2
\issue 3
\pages 295--317

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