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Mat. Sb., 2000, Volume 191, Number 2, Pages 43–63 (Mi msb452)  

This article is cited in 17 scientific papers (total in 18 papers)

Polynomial integrals of reversible mechanical systems with a two-dimensional torus as the configuration space

N. V. Denisova, V. V. Kozlov

M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

Abstract: The problem considered here is that of finding conditions ensuring that a reversible Hamiltonian system has integrals polynomial in momenta. The kinetic energy is a zero-curvature Riemannian metric and the potential a smooth function on a two-dimensional torus. It is known that the existence of integrals of degrees 1 and 2 is related to the existence of cyclic coordinates and the separation of variables. The following conjecture is also well known: if there exists an integral of degree $n$ independent of the energy integral, then there exists an additional integral of degree 1 or 2. In the present paper this result is established for $n=3$ (which generalizes a theorem of Byalyi), and for $n=4$, $5$, and $6$ this is proved under some additional assumptions about the spectrum of the potential.


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English version:
Sbornik: Mathematics, 2000, 191:2, 189–208

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UDC: 517.9+531.01
MSC: 58F05, 70H05
Received: 21.06.1999

Citation: N. V. Denisova, V. V. Kozlov, “Polynomial integrals of reversible mechanical systems with a two-dimensional torus as the configuration space”, Mat. Sb., 191:2 (2000), 43–63; Sb. Math., 191:2 (2000), 189–208

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by N.~V.~Denisova, V.~V.~Kozlov
\paper Polynomial integrals of reversible mechanical systems with a~two-dimensional torus as the~configuration space
\jour Mat. Sb.
\yr 2000
\vol 191
\issue 2
\pages 43--63
\jour Sb. Math.
\yr 2000
\vol 191
\issue 2
\pages 189--208

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