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Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202, Number 12, Pages 3–22 (Mi msb7864)  

This article is cited in 11 scientific papers (total in 11 papers)

Boundary regularity of Nevanlinna domains and univalent functions in model subspaces

A. D. Baranova, K. Yu. Fedorovskiyb

a St. Petersburg State University, Department of Mathematics and Mechanics
b N. E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Abstract: In the paper we study boundary regularity of Nevanlinna domains, which have appeared in problems of uniform approximation by polyanalytic polynomials. A new method for constructing Nevanlinna domains with essentially irregular nonanalytic boundaries is suggested; this method is based on finding appropriate univalent functions in model subspaces, that is, in subspaces of the form $K_\varTheta=H^2\ominus\varTheta H^2$, where $\varTheta$ is an inner function. To describe the irregularity of the boundaries of the domains obtained, recent results by Dolzhenko about boundary regularity of conformal mappings are used.
Bibliography: 18 titles.

Keywords: Nevanlinna domain, model subspace $K_\varTheta$, conformal mapping, inner function, Blaschke product.
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English version:
Sbornik: Mathematics, 2011, 202:12, 1723–1740

Bibliographic databases:

UDC: 517.542+517.547.5
MSC: Primary 30E10; Secondary 30C20, 30D60
Received: 22.03.2011 and 11.07.2011

Citation: A. D. Baranov, K. Yu. Fedorovskiy, “Boundary regularity of Nevanlinna domains and univalent functions in model subspaces”, Mat. Sb., 202:12 (2011), 3–22; Sb. Math., 202:12 (2011), 1723–1740

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by A.~D.~Baranov, K.~Yu.~Fedorovskiy
\paper Boundary regularity of Nevanlinna domains and univalent functions in model subspaces
\jour Mat. Sb.
\yr 2011
\vol 202
\issue 12
\pages 3--22
\jour Sb. Math.
\yr 2011
\vol 202
\issue 12
\pages 1723--1740

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